Water & Potato Challenge for Students

Water & Potato Challenge for students

Have you been walking around with an idea to improve the water efficiency in agriculture, or do you see a unique opportunity to enter the market with a new farming technique? Then we are looking for you! The ideas can range from very technical solutions, to new economic approaches or educational programs. Students and graduates from all academic backgrounds and universities are welcome.

During the Potato Seminar in November 2017, we organize a side-event for Iranian students or graduates. We want to give you the opportunity to develop your ideas into a marketable product. During the Challenge participants will be guided to work on their concept with a stakeholder analyses, entrepreneurial guidance, a pitch training, and several other tools that will help you to give market value to the idea.

The winner of the challenge will be offered a grant to go to the Netherlands and participate in a business course that will help them to cultivate their winning concept. Also, the Embassy of the Netherlands in Iran will introduce the winner to the Netherlands-Iran Business Council to pitch their idea and introduce them to potential customers in Iran and/or the Netherlands.

The Challenge will use the format of an incubator, or a so called ‘pressure cooker’, which means that the group will receive a high intensity training to develop their ideas within 36 hours. This process will be facilitated by a Start Up Bureau from the Netherlands. This bureau has helped several students to found their own start-up and bring their product on the market. This Bureau will be accompanied by one of their successful start-ups, who can inspire the Iranian students to become an entrepreneur. Because theoretical knowledge is not the only requirement for a good innovation, business skills will also determine the success.

If you want to join the Challenge, please submit a proposal. You can submit your proposal individually or as a small group. A jury consisting of a Professor from the University of Wageningen, a Professor from the University of Tehran, the Director of the Seed Potato Union and the Dutch company Saltwater Farm Texel will evaluate your proposal and give you feedback.

The criteria are as follows:

  • You will have to explain your idea/technique/product in maximum one page of written text, and possibly one page of sketches.
  • The concept should be in the field of water & agriculture, preferably related to potatoes, but that is not necessary.
  • The applicant should have the Iranian nationality.
  • The applicant should be a student, a PhD-candidate, or recently graduated.
  • The proposal should be written in English.
  • The proposal should be submitted individually or by a group of no more than four people.
  • The proposal should be uploaded on this website before the 31st of October 2017.

There will be no criteria for academic background, students or graduates from all faculties are welcome to submit a proposal.

Programme Water & Potato Challenge 28 November 2017

Morning Programme

  • 8.30Walk in and registration (1st floor)
  • 9.30Introduction by Moderator Mr. Nima Obbohat
  • 9.35Welcome by Ms. Susanna Terstal – Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Iran
  • 9.40Keynote speech by Mr. Keshavarz – deputy Minister of Agriculture
  • 10.00Speech by Mr. Jafar Hanaei – Chairman, and Mr. Majid Sajjadi – Managing Director of the Union of Seed Potato Producers of Iran
  • 10.20Video Message on Water & Climate by Mr. Marcel Beukeboom – Climate Envoy Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • 10.30Break
  • 11.00Potato production in the Netherlands and Iran – feedback on findings from a mission on post-harvest losses – Dr. Ben Meijer
  • 11.45Video Kiremko and partners (Van der Pol, Tolsma Grisnisch, BPA)
  • 11.55Netherlands Potato Industry, varieties, cold storage and potato processing – Mr. Doeke Oosterbaan
  • 12.40Introduction to afternoon sessions by moderator
  • 12.45Lunch- Grand buffet with potato dishes from both Holland and Iran.
    Information stands by Dutch potato companies

Afternoon Programme

  • 14.10Introduction Inqubator
  • 15.30Coffee Break
  • 15.55Incubator Session I
  • 17.15Snack Break
  • 18.00Incubator Session II
  • 21.00End of the day

Programme Water & Potato Challenge 29 November 2017

Morning Programme

  • 9.00Incubator Session III
  • 10.30Coffee Break
  • 11.00Incubator Session IV
  • 12.30Lunch Break

Afternoon Programme

  • 14.30Preparation for the final pitches
  • 15.30Challenge Finals
  • 17.30Announcement of the Winner
  • 18.00End of the day
  • 19.00Optional: Network Reception at the Dutch Residence in Tehran
  • 21.00End of the reception

Please note that lunch and dinner will be provided, but accommodation should be arranged on your own account.

If you have questions, please send an email to info@holland-iran-potato-seminar.com


Registration Form:

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